Motor Vehicle Accidents and Compensation in Ontario

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury in Toronto. According to the law in Ontario, a person injured in a car accident is entitled to compensation through Ontario accident benefits, regardless of whether they were at fault or not.

There is a complicated set of rules and regulations governing these entitlements. In cases where the injuries sustained in an accident are serious, it is possible to file a lawsuit for additional damages against the driver at fault.

Understanding your legal options can be difficult, especially if your insurer denies your right to benefits. An experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in motor vehicle accidents will assist you in asserting your claims.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, there a number of critical decisions that must be made. Contact a Toronto personal injury lawyer today to learn more about the legal steps you need to take and to get help for your Toronto car accident claim.
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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every year, motor vehicle accidents are responsible for many serious injuries and deaths. All people hurt in a car accident in Ontario are entitled to no-fault benefits for loss of income, medical and rehabilitation benefits through their auto insurer or through the insurance policy of any other vehicle that was involved in the accident, regardless of who was at fault.

What Are Accident Benefits?

In Ontario, Accident Benefits are reimbursements you are entitled to receive from an insurance company regardless of who was responsible for the accident. The accident benefit insurer is one of the following:
  • Your own insurer;
  • The insurer of the vehicle in which you were a passenger;
  • The insurer of any other vehicle involved in the accident, or;
  • The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund set up by the government of Ontario.
No-fault accident benefits are not automatic. Insurance companies often resist paying the full value of a claim. Getting the benefits you deserve following a car accident will require the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Tort Claims

What many motor vehicle accident victims don’t realize is that there is another source of compensation available through a Tort Claim. You have the right to sue the party at fault for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income and other expenses. It is also possible for family members who have suffered a loss of care, guidance and companionship as a result of your injuries to advance claims for their damages. To do this, certain requirements must first be met to protect your rights under both types of claims.

Advocates for Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents

The laws governing car accident compensation in Ontario are complicated. Having accurate and complete legal advice early on provides you with your best opportunity to make good decisions.
Sokoloff Lawyers specialize in motor vehicle accidents and work diligently to help victims receive all of the compensation they are entitled to.